Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How do I know that Kingdom Impressions is not a SCAM ?

Sadly, there are many scams out there. KIInk, LLC is partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions which is a legitimate work-from-home opportunity. There are thousands of small businesses and their contractors who have enjoyed providing services to Arise.

Partner your business with our organization today and let us connect you with some of the most prestigious companies! Want to talk to us on the phone? No problem! Fill out our Contact Us form and put in the best time for us to call you and we will call within 24 hours!


Can I work from anywhere?

You must legally reside in the United States and must be 18 years or older. You can provide your services from anywhere that is open to new applications. If you move, you are able to bring your work with you! How many jobs can you say that about?

*Currently Arise is not accepting new applicants from the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Wisconsin.


What are the costs to get started?

In order to partner with Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC and be given the opportunity to provide your services to clients, you must complete the following which is considered your investment into your own business.


The following are the fee’s:

Certification Course for the client you choose starts at $4.99 up to $250.


This fee is paid to Arise Virtual Solutions , not Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC.


What type of service will I provide as an Independent Contractor?

There are dozens of client programs in which you can choose to partner with. These are sales, customer service, technical support, email support and chat support clients.


By partnering with and working from home with Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC you will be able to choose the client you want to provide your services to, and set your own schedule.


How much money can I make?

Your compensation can be as little or as big as you make it. You choose the client that you want to service. Some choose their client for the compensation rate only. Some choose a client because they are open 24/7 and some choose a client that is super easy with less hourly pay. You set your own schedule and choose when and how much you work. Your paycheck is up to you!


We have team members making between $200 – $1800+ bi-weekly!


What Fees will have to pay and why?

We have a low flat service fee. We pay our contractors on the 1st and 15th of the month.


Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC has to cover business costs including Partner fee’s, computers, bank fees, software costs, direct deposit fee’s and more. Our low, flat service fee allows us to provide you with support during your certification process and beyond. We want you to succeed!


Am I responsible for my own taxes?

You are an Authorized agent, Independent Contractor, Sole Proprietor or Freelancer and are responsible for your own taxes. Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC does not take any taxes out on your behalf. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year if you made $600 or more.


Furthermore you are not eligible to receive unemployment, overtime or benefits as Authorized agents, Independent Contractors, Sole Proprietors and Freelancers.


I would advise you to meet with a tax specialist to go over what you are able to write off and what deductions you can take as an independent contractor.


How long before I can start earning a paycheck?

The admissions process takes between 1 and 5 days. Once you complete the admissions process and join the KIInk team, you then choose a client certification course. Realistically, it may be around 30 days before the class starts. Classes are typically around 30 days but some are self paced and can be completed in a matter of hours. Once certified you can start working immediately. Depending on how quickly you choose a class, it can take up to 2 months.


Because you are self employed, you are in control on when and how much you work. Choose a client that has a contract that meets your needs. If you need to provide your services only during the daytime or would like a client that is open 24/7, you can choose to do so.


Will I be paid during Certification?

Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC does not pay for the time spent in a client certification course. We are the middleman between our partner’s clients and the Authorized agents, Independent Contractors, Sole Proprietors and Freelancers working from home. As an Authorized agent, Independent Contractor, Sole Proprietor or Freelancer, you are responsible for any certification needed that is required to educate yourself to properly provide your services to the client.


What are the Steps to Get Started?

1. Complete Application and Admissions process here.

2. Make sure you have a working computer that will meet Kingdom Impressions Ink guidelines. See technical requirements here.

3. Purchase a USB headset for your certification class. This is a headset that plugs into your computer. See our recommendations.

4. Purchase a headset that can plug into your land-line telephone. (Cordless phones are not accepted.) See our recommendations.

5. Have or prepare to have a land-line telephone with no features or a digital phone line through your cable or internet company (for some clients).

6. You will receive an email once you have joined our team with links to fill out your W9 form, Direct Deposit form and your contractors agreement. These forms must be completed before you are allowed to service a client.

7. You will be invited to join our private Slack group. Slack is where we make important announcements and offers.


What Type of Clients will I service?

We are not allowed to list specific company names, they will be provided once you have completed your online registration. Some of the companies our agents provide virtual services to include...


Wireless Services,

Tax Preparation,

Utility Companies,

Major Retail Chains,

Roadside Assistance,

Resort Hotels & Travel,

Cruise Ships & Travel,

Website & Chat Support,

Recreation & Theme Parks,

Online Retail & Office Products

Client Certification Courses

Before a call center company can begin servicing a client program, their agents must take and successfully complete a client certification course. The charges for these courses range between $4.99 and $250. This is required by clients in order to be able to service their account. The course provides information on the client’s systems that will be used by agents during servicing, as well as the performance metrics laid out in the operative Statement of Work and other information about the client program.



Courses range anywhere from 5 days to 4 weeks in length. Each session is normally 4 hours long. Often the course is instructor-led but there are also self-directed components, and there may be requirements to complete prior to the next day’s class. Everything is virtual. Videos and audio components are built into the Online experience.



The Course Certification experience closely reflects the real world. The Opportunity Announcement will provide you with all the information you need – including information about certification – to decide whether a given client program is the right opportunity for your business before you commit your business’ resources. We suggest that you:

• Take the time to learn about the opportunity inside out.

• Read through the Opportunity Announcement.

• Talk to your business owner and any other agents who may have taken the course.

• Take the time to attend information sessions and ask questions BEFORE you make the commitment to the certification course.

Servicing Client Opportunities

The clients using the Arise Platform are often the leaders in their industries; many are Fortune 500 companies with names you’ll recognize. As such, they have exciting opportunities, as well as high standards for servicing and performance. The sooner you complete the registration process, the sooner you’ll be able to gain access to these opportunities— and the quicker your company will be able to earn money and you can enjoy all of the advantages that come with working from home.


You are able to set your own schedule using the Arise Platform.

However, please note the following:


Hours are available on a “first come, first serve” basis, so it is beneficial to select servicing intervals (which are 30 minute increments) as soon as possible.


More servicing intervals are available during a client’s peak demand period. Please be sure to review the Opportunity Announcement for the client program you are interested in servicing.


The Portal provides detailed information about each client program opportunity, the hours of servicing and the peak demand hours for the client. Be sure that the hours align with your desired schedule before you express interest in an opportunity.


Certain client programs have specific servicing hour requirements, which will be detailed in the Portal. For example, some client programs require weekend servicing or servicing on certain holidays.  Therefore, be sure to thoroughly review the Portal and Statement of Work to ensure that you have selected a Client Program that you will have no problem servicing.


Note that for certain client programs, if you or your company is a top performer, you may receive first choice of hours. The better your company and your agents perform over time, the choice of servicing times you may have.

Get Started

Step 1: Create a profile

The Profile is where you enter your basic information, such as contact information. You can complete a Profile and the Admissions process at


During this process you will be asked if you were referred to Arise by someone. Please fill in our CSP ID: 1470169 and the name Teri James (Owner of Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC) will populate.


Also, if you are Military, under “How did you hear about Arise” be sure to choose Military. Military receive special discounts.


*Please note: You MUST use the name that is associated with your Drivers License and Social Security. If you have recently been married or had a name change, you must make sure that your documents have been updated to match your last name before registering.


*If you would like us to create your profile and speed the process up for you, please fill out our application form so we can set up your account. Once approved, we will email you a link with a username and password. Once you have logged in successfully, you will be able to move forward to the next steps.

Step 2: Background Check

All contractors will be required to have a background check ($7.95).


Please make sure that the information you provide is what is associated with your Social Security number. If you are recently married, please make sure all of your identifications including your SS# and DL have been updated to reflect your new last name BEFORE submitting the background check.


Also, be sure that everything is spelled correctly. Eliminate ANY hyphens or periods.



Step 3: Choose Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC as your IBO

During this step you will be asked to choose an Independent Business to partner with. If you choose Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC, you will need to put our IB ID number into the search box (474230604) then click the little magnifying glass next to the search box. Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC will auto populate. Click Next.


Once you have finished this step, log out and send us an email at

Step 4: Sign Documents

Once you have been accepted into the KIInk team, You will need to log in to view and sign the documents.. They will be located in the same place that you went to join our IBO. Click the orange box “Start Now”:


  1. Click View Document (Orange box)

  2. Scroll ALL THE WAY to the bottom of the document

  3. “Sign” will then turn orange

  4. Click Sign

  5. Confirm

  6. Once you have signed both documents please send an email to so we can finalize your request to join KIInk. Once finalized you can move forward to the next step, Choosing a client certification course.


Step 5: Select a Client Program


During this step you will have access to the client board where you can see what projects are available. You have the flexibility to choose the client program that you would like to service. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies such as major telecommunications, cruise lines and the world’s largest online retailer.


The client board changes often so if you don’t see a client that suits you, be patient as something may come up that will match your talents and availability.


During this step, you have 30 days to choose a client certification course. If you are unable to choose one within the 30 days, please send us an email at so we can evaluate your situation and decide if we can extend the time limit.


By this time you should have received an invite to join the KIInk Facebook Group. Make sure to join our Facebook Group as this is where the client pay rates are posted along with important announcements.


KIInk Digital Solutions provide digital tech solutions to help your brand, business, or ministry grow online online through systems, graphics and income opportunities.  



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